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Ear Candling


Ear Candling is a traditional ancient therapy used by the Egyptians (who apparently used reeds), the Chinese, Greeks, and the Hopi Indians of America for removing ear wax build up in the outer ear.

Wax is naturally produced by the ear and protects the ear by trapping dust, micro-organisms and foreign particles, it also naturally moves towards the opening of the ear canal and it is only when excessive that it can become blocked causing pain, itchiness and discomfort as well as altered or loss of hearing. For example using cotton buds can push the wax deep and compact it tight against the ear drum.

The process of ear candling involves the use of custom made, hollow candles that are coated with beeswax. They are hollow in nature and once lit and inserted gently into the ear, they create a vacuum in the ear canal, drawing out excess wax, resides of past infection and fungus, clearing and opening up the sinuses by drawing away impurities. Ear candling is completely painless and non-invasive. This procedure is so relaxing and gentle warming you will want to drift off to sleep.

Ear Candling is said to of benefit for; Excessive wax build up, Sinusitis, Headaches, Enhancing hearing, Clear head before a flight, Ear infections( in conjunction with other medical treatment), Glue ear, Pressure pain/blockage, Tinnitus and swimmers ear.

I use Birte’s Ear Candles which are registered on the Australian Therapuetic Goods Administration.


Ear Candling session – includes candles allow 50 minutes                        $50

Ear candling with aroma inhalation for additional clearing                    $55

Candles only   (a pair)                                                                                   $15                 


Call Adele Johnson on 0438 835 530 or email adele@thewingsofangels.com.au to arrange your experience           

There are some conditions in which ear candling should not be preformed including perforated ear drum, after recent surgery, Cysts in the ear, Ear drains, Acquired Hearing Loss, Congenial hearing loss, Osteosclerosis or tumour of the ear so please ask if you are not sure.


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